Lifelong Learning Council Queenland Inc


Our objectives are:

To promote and encourage the advancement of learning, education and training.
To serve as the peak body for lifelong learning in Queensland.
To encourage interest in and support for the development of lifelong learning.
To promote understanding of and cooperation in lifelong learning.
To advocate the importance of lifelong learning in preparing people for active involvement in a democratic society.
To provide services to support lifelong learning.
To serve as a source of information in respect of lifelong learning.
To encourage inquiry, research, experiment and publication in the fields of lifelong learning.
To convene conferences in lifelong learning.
To develop and maintain relations with other state, national and international organisations operating in the field of lifelong learning.
To encourage the professional development of practitioners within the field of lifelong learning.
To enter into contracts and agreements for the purpose of furthering directly or indirectly any one or more of these objects.
To hold, purchase, lease, sell, mortgage, or otherwise acquire or dispose of any real and personal property for the purposes of the Association.
To undertake such other objects as are in conformity with the functions of the Association.